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I like most things. The only things I particularly dislike are bigotry and textspeak but otherwise we should get along fine.

Interests (145):

a perfect circle, achilles/patroclus for great justice, afi, alan moore, amanda palmer's eyebrows, ancient greek, androgynous vampire boys, animation, anyone called captain jack, art, atheism, aubrey beardsley, bacon, bad symbolism, being human, beowulf, bishounen, blaqk audio, books, bookshops, brian molko, buffy the vampire slayer, calculus, camden leisure pirates, capslock, cephalopods, china mieville, cillian murphy, cinema, cockney nutjobs, colin morgan, comics, constructed languages, css (both kinds), cthulhu mythos, cupcakes, david tennant, death note, developmental dyspraxia, diana wynne jones, digital painting, discworld, doctor who, drawing, dreams, edgar allan poe, eliza dushku, english literature, escher, excel saga, extra-terrestrial life, fairy tales, fangirling, feminism, firefly, freedom of expression, garth nix, gaspard ulliel, gay space epics, giant man-eating caterpillars, greek tragedy, halo jones, harry potter, iain m. banks, iamx, illustration, impossible slash, in the biblical sense, innuendo, inventing characters, ironic brit pride, jasper fforde, john simm, katekyo hitman reborn, klimt, latin, laughing at creationists, league of extraordinary gentlemen, libraries, life on mars, linguistics, manga, merlin, misanthropy, miyazaki, mogwai, multishipping, muse, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, noel fielding, orang-utans, ovid's hair fetish, panic at the disco, patrick wolf, photoshop, placebo, pre-raphaelite art, prehistory, reading, recursive crossdressing shakespeare femmeslash, reese's peanut butter cups, renegade time lords, richard ayoade, robin hobb, robots in disguise, roger the cabin boy, roland of gilead, rp, russell tovey, saiyuki, satire, science, sean maher, self-indulgent rambling, shakespeare, space pirates, stargate atlantis, steampunk cyberpunk dungeonpunk wheeee, stephen king, subtext, sugar gliders, sweets in paper bags, synaesthesia, t.s. eliot, team rocket, terry pratchett, that's what lee said, that's what she said, the dresden dolls, the edge chronicles, the iliad, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the white stripes, things of rassilon, torchwood, turtles, tvtropes, vampires, vote saxon, webcomics, within temptation, writing, {these brackets}
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